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Founded by Mark Moussa in 1987, Arteriors is a leading provider of luxury lighting, wall décor, decorative accessories and furniture to residential and commercial designers worldwide.

Launched with a focus on traditional accessories in classic materials, the company collaborates with experienced artisans and manufacturers around the world.

Working in luxury materials like embossed leather, hair on hide, forged iron, solid brass, mouth blown glass, reclaimed wood, hand glazed ceramics, Arteriors now offers a wide spectrum of styles from traditional to modern. Designed specifically for design lovers with up-to-date sensibilities.

Since its inception in 1987, Arteriors has seen tremendous growth and expansion. In 1995, Moussa introduced Arteriors’ first portable lighting venture, The Tanner Collection (named for his son). In 1999, he followed with a lifestyle lamp collection named Kenzie, for his daughter.

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Many of Arteriors’ 1,200 designs are made by artisan factories all over the globe that embrace traditional craftsmanship. The assortment is artful, inspired, always on-trend, but never trendy.

Arteriors’ hundreds of unique products are created from an assortment of artisan materials that allow for individual creativity to shine through – from cowhide, agate, marble and wood to copper, bronze, granite and porcelain.

Hand-applied, hand-carved, hand-formed, hand-forged; these are all artisan techniques which create a product that is uniquely yours. We view natural materials in the same manner, embracing and celebrating Mother Nature’s built-in variances…from the color and pattern differences found on all genuine hide products, to the vein and hue variations in marble, to the variety of grain patterns in natural wood.

There are no exact matches in nature…these deviations are not flaws, rather a guarantee that you have the genuine article.

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